Duct-taped dog: Pierce County man accused

PIERCE COUNTY - - A Pierce County man is accused of duct-taping his dog's mouth shut for four hours, and leaving the dog to suffer in the hot sun.  A deputy went to his home on June 17th after getting an animal cruelty complaint.   The deputy said the dog's muzzle was wrapped with duct tape.  The dog's front legs were also bound with duct tape, and the dog was lying motionless in the hot sun and foaming at the mouth on a 75-degree day.  A nearby water bowl was bone-dry.

When the owner called the dog, "Daisy" over to him, she moved slowly and struggled to get up.  The man told the deputy he had taped her because she wouldn't stop barking and digging holes in the yard.  The deputy noticed the yard was far from being 'well-maintained'.   The man told the deputy he had restrained the dog with duct tape in a similar way at least once before.

After spending 20 minutes in an air-conditioned area, Daisy was examined by a vet and her results were normal.

The man could face animal cruelty charges.