Durkan to expand free college tuition program in Seattle

SEATTLE -- In one of her first acts as Seattle's new mayor. Jenny Durkan announced a plan to expand the Seattle Promise College Tuition Program.

Wednesday's executive order created a framework for implementation, beginning with expanding the college tuition in the Fall of 2018 to provide a second year of college for current students enrolled at South Seattle College.

Building on the success of the 13th Year Promise Scholarship, the Seattle Promise College Tuition program will provide two full years (90 credits) of courses for students graduating from a Seattle Public School.

“Making college a reality for Seattle’s public school students is a critical first step towards creating opportunity and addressing our city’s crushing affordability crisis,” said Mayor Durkan.

“The City of Seattle must play an active role in reducing and removing financial barriers that keep our high school graduates from going to college or getting the technical training. They need this education to have a shot at a good, family wage jobs."

The program is still in the planning stage, but the city hopes to have a budget to fund it by spring.