Everett mom asks for public's help in identifying driver who fled hit-and-run crash

EVERETT, Wash. -- Monica Blair is still very upset after the vehicle she and her three young children were in was hit broadside by a driver in a SUV who ran from the scene. All of her children were injured.

"I don’t remember much but hearing my children scream," Blair said Tuesday as she cried.

Blair's 10-year-old son sustained a concussion. Her 7-year-old son suffered a fractured skull. Her 3-year-old son is now on the mend after a broken pelvis. All three of the children were thrown from the vehicle during the violent crash.

Blair said, "If I had it my way, none of my kids would be here. I would be the one in the hospital in place of my 7-year-old."

Police say the driver of the vehicle who hit Blair's car ran from the scene of the crash. Blair hopes someone will do the right thing and turn the person in.

Blair questioned, "Why did you run? You left three innocent children. They could have died. What were you doing?"