Experts warning about wildfire danger this year

SEATTLE -- Experts say last year was a  record-breaking wildfire season and this year is shaping up to be even worse, with dry conditions all over the state.

Ed Buffalow and his neighbors are concerned about how this summer is starting. 'June Gloom' never came and Western Washington jumped into its dry season.

"It does make me wonder what kind of summer this is going to be," Buffalow said.

Last year, fires destroyed over 350,000 acres in the state, but experts worry this year could be worse because of the extraordinary dry conditions.

Linda Vane works for the King County Forestry Service.

"There’s a widespread misconception that we don’t have wildfires in Western Washington. The fact is, we have many wildfires every year," she said.

Buffalow and his neighbors are getting 'FireWise' by removing all the fire fuel from their property to keep themselves and their homes safe.

To learn more about the FireWise program, visit or

You can also call the Dept. of Natural Resources at 206-477-4800.