Extra security in view at Mariners game after Boston bombings

SEATTLE -- The police presence was so beefed up for Tuesday’s Mariners game that many fans took note even before walking through the main security gate.

“I noticed a few more security than usual,” said Mariners fan Peter Ki.

“I’ve noticed more security, more cops,” said fellow fan Theresa Lopez.

Cop after cop with bomb-sniffing dogs could be seen; even the U.S. Coast Guard had a team of dogs on the prowl.

Dennis, a bomb-sniffing dog with the Seattle Police Department, is trained to detect 19,000 combinations or ingredients of explosives. If the K-9 ever detects a suspicious odor, it will sit next to the object.

“It’s (a bombing) something that we all fear, that can happen at any given time given our history since 9/11,” said Safeco Field spokeswoman Rebecca Hale.

After Boston’s terrorist attack, Safeco Field made immediate  security changes. But they are not visible to the fans and Safeco Field managers are keeping them secret.

Lopez never misses a Mariners game and, after Monday’s tragedy, she made it a point to bring the whole family to teach her children a lesson.

“To not be afraid, to go out and have fun,” said Lopez.

And so they did.