Family who just moved back to Everett from Wisconsin has belongings stolen from car

EVERETT -- Kelsey Abbott said she woke up Friday morning to find that thieves had stolen everything she considered irreplaceable.

She said her family had just moved back to Everett from Wisconsin and the family car was parked outside her apartment complex. In it were items belonging to her 1-year-old son and husband.

"Somebody actually pried open our (car) door, they broke the turn signal thing and everything was gone that was important," she said. Her son's "first toy, his first stuffed animal, his first Christmas ornament -- it's just all gone, stuff that you don`t think somebody would take from you."

She said also lost in the theft was her wedding ring and wallet, his phone and passport, and the baby's birth certificate, clothing and family photos.

"I'm really hurt," he said. "I don't understand why somebody would do it; it makes me feel unsafe."

She's hoping others will learn from her mistake.

"Be really careful," she said. "Don't think that it can't happen to you, cause that's what I thought and it can."

Anyone with information on the break-in is urged to call Everett police.