Federal agents investigate coach accused of voyeurism

SEATTLE -- Since 1998, Jason Paur has been a cross-country running and skiing coach at The Bush School in Seattle.  He has also chaperoned an annual ski trip to the Silver Star Resort in British Columbia.

That is where he was arrested on Tuesday, December 10th after a female student found a camera Paur says belonged to him planted in her hotel room.

“It’s been really hard. He is a popular coach and I think it's been hard on people to feel betrayed,” said Head of School Frank Magusin.

Paur was charged with breaking and entering, voyeurism, possession of child pornography and accessing child pornography.

Attorney Anne Bremner, who has handled many cases like this, says often these aren't isolated incidents.

“It’s usually like the tip of the iceberg when they get caught because they don’t just wake up one day and say ‘I have this aberrant interest in sexually explicit pictures of kids or seeing kids naked or seeing the students I teach or coach naked,” said Bremner.

While this case is being handled in British Columbia, we just learned that federal agents have also initiated an investigation.

The spokesman for ICE’s Homeland Security Unit tells us they searched Jason Paur's West Seattle home Thursday, December 12th and that they are investigating this case as part of 'Operation Predator', an international initiative to protect children from sexual exploitation.

“It’s so important for the authorities to get in and see what is on his computer and what he may have in his home because generally where there’s smoke there’s fire in these kinds of offenses,” said Bremner.