Flooded streets and road closures create headaches for drivers trying to get home

KENTA, WA -- Heavy rain on Friday caused issues for people trying to get to their homes in Kent.

Rainwater caused areas to flood forcing road closures, like at Woodford Avenue and James Street.

“It’s super cold. My feet are numb,” said Brian Tinkui.

Tinkui said he had to park his car and walk the rest of the way home through the flooded streets due to the road closures.

Unlike Tinkui, not everyone followed the advice of the signs, and some ended up paying for it.

“There was enough water in the car to stop it,” said Kelvin Solis.

Solis and his brother were helping their sister get her car out of the flooded street. He tells me the tow truck was not willing to pull her out, so they had to physically push the car out.

The flooded waters got so bad, some worried it would get inside of their homes.

“It was that way this morning going, ‘ok, turn the power off because it’s looking like it’s going to come close to the house,” said Karen Haddrell.

Haddrell says she’s lived along Woodford Avenue for about two decades and has only seen the road get as bad as it was on Friday one other time.

She says people speeding down the flooded road, creating a wake that pushes small waves farther into their yards, does not help the situation.

Officials say it’s not worth driving past road closure signs. Driving past them can be a risk to not just your safety, but your wallet due to the damage it may cause your car or the ticket you may get if you’re caught.