Florida nudist who loves yard work not loved by his neighbors

STUART, Fla. -- A community in Florida is growing frustrated with one neighbor who does his yard work completely naked.

"I came out Sunday night to put the trash out, and I look over and he is bent over, winding up his hose, and I'm like, 'That is my view of the neighborhood," said neighbor Melissa Ny. "He works on his car, and he does it naked, and everyone has called the police. He is just out there doing his yard work, whatever he needs to do outside -- naked."

According to WPBF, several people in the neighborhood have called the county sheriff's office, but deputies said as long as the man is not touching himself inappropriately, there is nothing they can do about it.

"Have some respect for the neighborhood kids. Kids catch the bus here, it's wrong," said Charlie Estes, another neighbor. "I have seen these people actually stand on their front step, buck naked, both of them, and talk to a police officer, sheriff's department. The sheriff's department told me to turn my head."

The man in question told a WPBF reporter he is not interested in doing an interview because he and his family are private people.

"If they are private, why are your privates on display. That is not private at all. That is very public," Ny said.

Neighbors say the next step is talking to him to see if they can work out some kind of compromise.