From marijuana to sushi, businesses are riding the Super Bowl frenzy

SEATTLE -- It’s not surprising that team stores can hardly keep its inventory in stock but they are not the only ones. Businesses you may not necessarily even think of are getting creative, riding the Super Bowl frenzy.

"Beast Mode" is known for his action, not his talk. Now Marshawn Lynch’s popularity is taking one medical marijuana dispensary to a new high. Queen Anne Cannabis Club was the first to sell Beast Mode O.G.

“It’s not just the name but it actually holds the strength,” owner Nate “Diggity” Johnson said.

Desired for its strong THC content  Beast Mode is lighting up all over the Web.

“As far as the strain name going viral I have never seen anything else like this,” Johnson said.

Over in Capitol Hill, Big Mario’s  is spinning with Super Bowl calls, they are taking pre-orders for the first time to keep the hungry 12th man satisfied during the game.

“It’s been absolutely crazy we have had an awful lot of traction lately,” manager Geoffrey Nicholson said.

It’s not just pizza, how about sushi.

Wabi Sabi Sushi in Columbia City is showing their team spirit with the Seahawk roll.

“It’s cucumber, avocado, a thin slice of jalapeno in the inside and the outside its albacore,” chef Ryan Corpus said.

They have been serving up the Seahawk for weeks, on Sunday they are taking a break.

“Not a lot of people are coming to a place without a TV,” chef Joey Rogers said.

The restaurant says it makes financial sense to close on Super Bowl Sunday and employees are not complaining.

“I’ve always worked on Sunday’s and finally I have Super Bowl off,” Rogers said.

Rogers isn’t sure where he will watch the game but one possible spot is this movie theatre down the street.

“We have 200 seats here we are letting everyone in for free,” manager Leah Gold said.

Instead of closing, Ark Lodge Cinemas will show the game on the big screen with catered food.

“We are hoping the neighborhood comes out, we can hang out and watch the game together and eat some fried chicken,” Gold said.