FUNNY OR FAIL? 'Drive high, get a DUI' commercials come to Washington

A man forgets the propane while lighting his gas grill. A screenshot from the "Drive High, Get a DUI" campaigns.

OLYMPIA -- It may now be legal to play basketball in your backyard, grill with friends or even install a TV after a couple hits from a doobie.

But it's definitely not legal to drive while under the influence of marijuana, and a new TV campaign has come to Washington to remind residents of that.

"Grilling high is now legal," one ad says. "Driving to forget the propane you forgot is not. Drive High, Get a DUI."

The humorous -- or dull, depending on your take --  TV spots depict pot users under the influence, reminding them that while it's legal to smoke, it's not legal to drive after smoking. The ads will run on Washington state TV channels, the Washington Traffic Safety Commission announced recently.

The ads were commissioned and produced by the Colorado Department of Transportation.

According to, the campaign is part of "Target Zero," a mission striving to end traffic deaths and serious injuries on Washington's roadways by 2030. WTSC officials believe the campaign is critical to prevent impaired driving.