'Ghost bike' stolen from Parkland memorial for teen cyclist returned from scrap yard

A "ghost bike" that was at a memorial for a Parkland teen cyclist, who was struck and killed while crossing the street, has been stolen. 

In July, investigators say a driver went through the crosswalk at State Route 7 and 134th Street South and hit 13-year-old Michael Weilert on his bike. He died at the scene. 

A ghost bike, which is an all-white bicycle left at the location of a cyclist's death, was placed at a memorial site for Michael on the corner of 134th and Pacific Avenue. 


'Probably the worst thing I’ve had to deal with':Parents of 13-year-old cyclist killed share their message

The parents of Michael Weilert, the 13-year-old boy killed on his bicycle in Parkland this week, are sharing their story in the hopes that no other parents ever deal with a similar tragedy.

His mother told FOX 13 that someone had cut the locks on the bike and stole it.

"I was shocked to see it wasn't here," said Amber Weilert. 

Weilert said the bike wasn't just a ghost bike but it had messages and signatures from family and friends. 

The bike was found and recognized by an employee at a local scrap yard and returned to Weilert's family.