Gun-regulation measure I-1639 will be on the November ballot

SEATTLE - Initiative 1639 will appear on the November ballot, allowing the public to vote on stricter gun laws in our state. Those supporting the measure say it means more protection to ensure weapons don't fall into dangerous hands.

"I think this is a great victory for Washington state and voters in particular," said attorney Greg Wong.

I-1639 would raise the age to purchase a semi-automatic rifle to 21 years old. It would also expand background checks on these kinds of weapons and require a firearm safety training course within the last five years.

In addition, gun owners would be held accountable if a child or anyone else accesses and uses an insecurely stored firearm to hurt themselves or others.

"To us, it’s kind of ridiculous," said Tiffany Teasdale, owner of Lynnwood Gun.

Teasdale is against more gun laws, and says more laws don't mean more safety.

"Why put more laws out for law-abiding citizens when the people causing these crimes are not law abiding citizens?"  Teasdale said.

Whether people are for or against the measure, Wong says it should be left up to the voters.

“They can go to voters and try to make their plea but we’re confident the voters of Washington will be able to take the issues and in November approve the measure," said Wong.