Help Seattle police find accused liquor thief who packs pepper spray – and isn’t afraid to use it

Zaniyah Holston

SEATTLE -- Seattle police are asking for your help finding the accused liquor thief who sprayed Mace on store employees who tried to stop her.

They got a couple of good pictures of her and detectives identified her as Zaniyah Holston.

Cops say on she and three other women came into the store on 4th Avenue South in Seattle, split up and then loaded their bags with bottles.

They pushed past employees who tried to stop them, then accused the workers of harassing them because they were black.

Police say Holston asked one of the other suspects for the pepper Mace and was handed a large can and started spraying.

"You take a look at this gal, I mean she deliberately wants to hurt somebody with this pepper spray," said retired detective Myrle Carner, now with Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound. "Doesn't think anything about it. Spraying the guy right in the face. Isn't like she's trying to defend herself. She's just trying to get away with a robbery."

Police say Holston has been involved in robberies at several other liquor stores so it's not likely she's going to stop stealing anytime soon.

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