Hit-and-run driver damages house and totals other drivers car in Tacoma

Tacoma Police are looking for a hit-and-run suspect who left a hole in a family’s home, and totaled another driver’s car.

 The crash happened Monday night around 7 p.m. at the intersection of South 64th Street and South Oakes Street. 

Two cars smashed into a home right at the intersection.

 "I heard the crash, and it was about second later that it hit the wall. And it hit the wall pretty hard," said Tyler Lorenz.

Lorenz sat in his home watching television, when his house shook. A massive crack in Lorenz’s wall shows where one of the cars crashed just feet away from where he sat.

Outside, there is a hole on the exterior wall of his home from the car. Lorenz says when he heard the crash, he ran outside to see what happened.

"The two people that were in the white car they were crying and screaming," he said.

Inside the "white car" was Matele Alefosio and her granddaughter. Alefosio says they were driving back from a movie when the car crash happened.

"My car is total loss. It’s the only car I have," she said.

Tacoma Police say the other car involved in the crash is a KIA that had ignition damage. Police say it appears the car is stolen, but no one has reported it stolen.

Police say they are investigating the crash as a hit-and-run.

Witnesses provided video to FOX 13 News of the aftermath of the crash. The video shows someone running away from the scene. Witnesses say it was one of the people in the KIA, who was running back to the car to grab something before fleeing again.

Neighbors say this road is notorious for these kinds of crashes.

"We were left with our cars being totaled and having to replace both of them," said Josie Cobb.

Cobb lives across the street from Monday’s crash scene, however in October she experienced a similar incident.

Video she gave FOX 13 News, from that October incident, shows a car smashing into her parked vehicles in front of her home. Then the video shows two people running away from the scene.

Cobb says with incidents like these so close together she is ready to call it quits on Tacoma.

"We’re ready to move. We came from California. We’ve only been living here since 2019, and since then we’ve had thing, after thing, after thing happen in this house," she said.

The suspect(s) in last night’s crash are still on the loose.

Tacoma police say anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers.