Horses who served in Army's Old Guard now up for adoption

Two horses who served at in the Army's Old Guard at Arlington National Cemetery are now heading to greener pastures.

WJLA reports Quincy and Kennedy have been serving for nearly a decade. The Caisson horses participate in all Army, Air Force and Marine Corps full honors funerals.

Now they're ready to retire and the military is putting them up for adoption.

"These magnificent animals serve with the men of the Caisson Platoon daily to ensure final honors are given in a dignified, professional, and respectful manner; and they love their job. Each Caisson Horse offered for adoption has served on average for over a decade. During the course of their service they participate in thousands of funerals for our nations heroes," according to the U.S. Army.

"Because of the long and distinguished service of each and every horse in our stables, The Old Guard has introduced the Caisson Horse Adoption Program to ensure each horse is rewarded with a great home following its well earned retirement."

“These guys did their service,” Staff Sgt. David Smith told the Washington Post. “It’s their time to be a horse.”

Quincy is an 11-year-old American quarter horse, described as having a big personality. Kennedy is a 15-year-old standard bred who's better suited for an experienced rider, officials say.

For more information on the adoption program, click here.