Husky hype is a boost for local business

SEATTLE - When UW hosted Oregon Saturday night, Husky Stadium saw its biggest crowd since the Apple Cup two years ago. That’s not only good for the university. Local bars and restaurants are also cashing in.

Husky fans know you can’t cheer on your team on an empty stomach. That’s why many start each game day at Ivar’s Salmon House, before “sail-gating” over to Husky Stadium.

“This is our tradition, this has been in our family for I’d say five years,” says Greg Markham.
It’s a tradition that is starting to catch on. Managers at Ivar’s say they’ve been seeing their crowds get bigger and bigger, as the team plays better and better.

“We feel it for sure. The bar is full of people,” says Charlie Zoller. “We were booked for this game over two weeks ago, we had a huge wait list.”

Ivar’s isn’t the only business cashing in on the Husky hype. Fans also packed the Ram in University Village. Matt Brown says it’s nice seeing so many people sporting purple and gold.

“We’ve just sitting out here watching all the Husky fans, it's really great.”

Bars and restaurants around Husky Stadium may have to start planning for more crowds like this. Fans believe in Coach Petersen, and say this new era of Husky football is just beginning.

“The anticipation is really great,” says Brown.

“It’s building,” adds Zoller. “It feels good, feels like we're on a new path.”

“Every game has been a little bit louder, a little bit more exciting,” agrees Markham.