I-5 hit & run crash in Tacoma injures Lakewood couple

TACOMA -- A close look at Johnny Harrold's Ford Taurus and it is clear there was a big impact and the car could have easily exploded.

"It almost hit the gas tank. Just barely missed it,” Son-n-law Thomas Trout said.

Trout can't believe the damage, but says there's something more important than the car.

"Thank God they're alive. They made it through it,” Trout said.

"Somebody just slammed into me. It felt like a bomb going off,” hit & run victim Johnny Harrold said.

Harrold says he and his girlfriend, Alice Stuart, don't get out very much so the night was special until the crash happened.

"I've been hit before, never like that before in my life,” Harrold said.

He was treated and released but Alice remains in ICU at Tacoma General.

"She hit the passenger door window and we found bleeding in the brain,” Harrold said.

Harrold doesn't work and is disabled after open heart surgery.

The couple and their family now have no car and will soon have to leave their small apartment with nowhere to go.

"I was trying to save money to get a four bedroom house, at least. We need one badly and so it took part of my money to get my car home so that hurt me and now it's really going to hurt with no transportation,” Harrold said.

Harrold says the car that hit them was white, but he doesn't recall anything else.

He hopes someone saw the crash and has a better description.

He also hopes the driver will do the right thing.

"He ought to come forward and face the music because I would never do that to nobody. He hurt me financially and I don't have a car to take my grand-kids to the doctor or nothing,” Harrold said.

If anyone saw the crash and has more information you’re asked to call 911.