'I can has Uber Kittens' service delivers kittens to offices

SEATTLE -- The Q13 FOX Newsroom is about to explode with cuteness.

No, morning anchors Bill Wixey and Brien Blakely aren't performing their patented "St. Patty's Day Jig" in those hilarious green pants. We're exploding with cute because our office is about to get kittens as part of a local rider service's desire to bring kittens to offices for National Cat Day.

That's right, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Uber Ride Services, Cheezburger Network and the Seattle Humane Society have teamed up to deliver kittens to your office or home. The campaign, called "I Can Has Uberkittens" is going on in Seattle, New York and San Fransisco. For $20, Uber users can order a box of furry friends to head to the office for 20 minutes. Kitten lovers will also get a chance to munch on Ace of Cakes cupcakes.

Those interested in keeping one of the kittens definitely will have a chance to adopt through the humane society, Uber said.

All the money made from the campaign will go to benefit the local animal shelter.