'I don't know what to do now:' Thieves steal important lifeline from man on liver transplant list

SEATTLE -- A local man says he's worried after thieves stole his only form of transportation.

Worried, because that transportation could mean life or death.

Paul Hamilton says thieves stole his scooter from his Beacon Hill home recently. The scooter, according to Hamilton, is his lifeline because he's on the liver transplant list.

Hamilton says he's been on the transplant list for three years. If he misses any appointments with his doctors, he stands the risk of getting kicked off.

"I don't know what to do now," Hamilton says.

Urgency and keeping up with appointments is paramount for those looking for a new lease on life.

"There's like thousands of people that are waiting in line to even get on the list," Hamilton says. "It took me two years to get on the list."

Hamilton is now relying on friends and family to help drive him to his doctor's appointments. And he doesn't have any money to buy a new scooter, as most of his income goes to pay for his medicine.

"It's going downhill fast," Hamilton says of his situation.

He encourages the thieves who took his scooter to bring it back.