Icy morning commute? Be prepared

SEATTLE  --  Overnight as temperatures were expected to plummet and there's a chance ice and snow could impact your morning commute.

Seattle Department of Transportation officials are monitoring road conditions using underground sensors that gauge road temperatures.  Crews are really keeping an eye on elevated roads that tend to freeze first, like the Aurora, West Seattle and Magnolia bridges.

"It tells us when the temperature's dropping and when it continues to drop below freezing," said SDOT's Rodney Maxie.

Washington State Department of Transportation says crews are already on standby, advising drivers to be prepared for what could be a long morning commute. WSDOT cites sweeping ramps, such as westbound State Route 18 to southbound I-5 and westbound SR 520 to southbound I-5, as typical trouble spots even on rainy days.