Icy, snowy roads expected for Thanksgiving travel

BELLEVUE -- Thanksgiving travel could get started with some icy – or even snowy roads.

Crews are already working to prevent ice from building up on area highways.

AAA is estimating nearly 47 million people will travel for thanksgiving. All that traffic and icy roads are a dangerous combination.

“It doesn't take much speed to cause an accident and lose control of your vehicle,” WSP Trooper Mark Francis said.

With temps in the 20’s and teens in the mornings Wednesday and Thursday, Q13 Chief Meteorologist Walter Kelley says the safest time to travel this year is after 10:ooam.

“Icy roads in the morning that's going to be the worst time if you're traveling in the early morning hours expect icy roads if you're traveling in the afternoon hours much better situation,” Meteorologist Walter Kelley.

In Everett, the Public Works Department says they have all the salt brine they need to coat the roads.

State patrol says salt helps, but only if you drive slow.

“You're going to give yourself a better chance if you do hit some ice to gain control before slipping in going off the roadway,” Trooper Francis explained.

Trooper Francis says reducing your speed can not only prevent collisions, it can also keep you from getting a ticket. You can get cited for driving too fast for weather conditions even if you’re not going above the speed limit.