'In for life, out on parole', Part 2: Violent criminals released from prison early

SEATTLE- Violent rapists and murderers sentenced to life are being let out early in Washington State.  It might sound hard to believe, but is happening more than you might think thanks to a little known law from the 1980's.

Right now, there are approximately 270 “lifers” who were sentenced before the summer of 1984.  At that time, laws changed in our state and judges had to give what's called a determinate sentence: life without parole, a set number of years behind bars or the death penalty.  Anyone sentenced to life before 1984 now has the opportunity to be released on parole.

Tonight on Q13 FOX News at 10:00 we profile one of those offenders, who kidnapped and killed two West Seattle teen girls in the late 1970's, and hung one of their bodies from a tree.

Hear from the siblings of those victims, as well as the Chair of the Department of Correction's Indeterminate Sentence Review Board.  They are the ones who review these offenders and make the decision on whether or not to let them out early.  Also, we explain who has been released in the past year as well as who is up for review right now.

You can catch Part #1 Thursday on Q13 FOX News at 5:30.