Is Surface Pro 3 worth the hype?

Courtesy Microsoft

SEATTLE -- After testing the device for the last couple weeks, in cafés, in bed, on desks, with connectivity and without; using the cameras to Skype, the Surface pen to take "on the fly" notes, and the type cover to "click-in" with track pad gestures I think I can say the Surface Pro 3 can finally compete with the MacBook Air.

The Game Change Features:

    In terms of price one thing to note is that the click-in type cover is an additional $130. So if you compare the MacBook Air base model (11 inch screen, 128GB) and the Surface Pro 3 base model (12 inch screen, 64GB + keyboard) you're looking at paying $30ish more for the Surface Pro 3.

    Should you buy the Surface Pro 3? As with all device purchases people should think of what they're going to use it for as well as the pain points they're trying to avoid. The SP3 is light years better than the first two models. I've heard some critics say the keyboard is loud and a few of us press had a bug with our pre-retail test devices that drained the battery and made the device unusable. Microsoft did issue a quick update and the problem was fixed and they assured me that the issue wouldn't effect devices shipping tomorrow.

    Speaking of shipping quick heads up only 2 of the models will be available starting tomorrow the rest (including that 64GB base model) won't be available until August 31st - cutting it close for those people purchasing it for college bound students.

    For me the Surface Pro 3 hardware was absolutely usable in a number of scenarios and work atmospheres and based on my individual needs I'd recommend it. Though I'm a fan of Windows 8.1 which has been a pain point for some. Either way I think its finally a fair fight between the MacBook Air and Surface and I can't wait to see what happens next.