'It brings out the goodwill in people:' Man's 'Giving Tree' inspires Tacoma neighborhood

TACOMA, Wash. -- "Take what you want. Leave what you can."

It's a simple message that Mark Sikas has for people who come across his "Giving Tree" in Tacoma's North Proctor neighborhood. But it's inspiring others during the time of year when some need inspiration the most.

"There’s a cliche that it’s better to give than to receive," Sikas said. "This time of year we need something like that. This is just my way of expressing it. This is my Christmas tree. I don’t have one festooned with ornaments in the house."

Sikas told Q13 that the tree is mostly for children with a lot of small gifts, but there are people constantly stocking the tree with some items that adults might want or need, too.

"They take things that they want or can use, and sometimes they leave something. It definitely brings out the goodwill in people," Sikas said.