John Ervin: No stranger to trouble, cops find wanted fugitive sleeping at bus stop

ERVIN caughtFUGITIVE CAPTURED  Feb. 25, 2013 -- Seattle police say they found accused burglar, and wanted fugitive, John Ervin, lying down at a bus stop. Detectives say officers roused him. He lied about his name, then gave his real name -- and to top it off -- detectives say Ervin tried to run away and escape when the warrant on him came back. FUGITIVE WANTED IN SEATTLE Feb. 15, 2013 --  Police say he's a prolific burglar, wanted for breaking into cars in apartment garages and storage lockers. John Ervin is no stranger to trouble – not only are police looking for him in Seattle, there’s also a nationwide extradition warrant out on him, meaning that no matter where he is caught in the country, he’ll get shipped back here to face any charges. "Every once in a while you have a suspect with a lot of numerous arrests. You can imagine this guy's got 17 prior arrests. The prosecutor has put a $200,000 warrant on his head. He's wanted in all 50 states -- rarely does that happen. So, bottom line bad guy -- let's get him off the streets,” retired detective Myrle Carner of Puget Sound Crime Stoppers said. John Ervin is 28 years old and is known to hang out in downtown Seattle and the Eastlake area. If you see him, call the Crime Stoppers hotline at 800-222-TIPS. You can text a tip here.