Kanye West goes on Twitter rant about his Taylor Swift lyric

One look at Kanye West's Twitter on Friday morning and it is apparent: The Kanye West/ Taylor Swift complicated relationship is back.

He interrupted her at the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards and then they apparently reconciled last year.

Looks like the reconciliation didn't last long. Kanye just premiered his new album, The Life of Pablo, at an album release party on Thursday. It is the track Famous that is causing the most controversy. The lyrics include a misogynistic line about Swift. According to TMZ, Taylor says she never gave Kanye permission to use that line.

Kanye took to Twitter in a long string of tweets to defend his actions.

The fourth thing.... well we don't want to put that on our website, but you can look it up.

Onto the fifth....

Taylor Swift's brother seems to be taking a stand on the whole thing... He posted a video to Instagram showing him throwing out his Yeezy shoes. Yeezy shoes are designed by Kanye.