Know where you put those shades, Seattle? Because it's about to get HOT

SEATTLE -- Yeah, sure. It's cold and chilly now. But just wait.

Temperatures around the Puget Sound  are expected to reach the lower 80s this weekend, with highs possibly climbing to the 90s by early next week.

Meterologist M.J. Mcdermott believes the Cascade Foothills should easily reach the low 90s by Monday, followed by a hot and sunny 4th of July.

The author of the Seattle Weather Blog, Justin Shaw, said temperatures in Seattle would begin to "flirt" with 90 on Monday and Tuesday:

"On Friday, the ridge of high pressure centered over the Four Corners region shifts further northwest, sending the mercury into the 80s for the first time since June 6.  The day should be mainly sunny, with a few high clouds floating by at times.  Saturday looks remarkably similar, with sunny skies and highs again reaching the lower 80s.

Things rev up a couple notches on Sunday as the ridge bulges northward, taking plenty of heat with it. Seattle should easily climb to the mid 80s—making the final day of June the hottest.

It’s off to the races come Monday and Tuesday as high pressure bears down overhead. Temperatures should flirt with 90 degrees both days, with Tuesday likely to wind up the toastier of the two. The record high for Monday—87 degrees, from 1995—stands a good chance of being beat, with Tuesday’s 45-year-old record of 92 also on the line"

All said and done, this weekend should feel like the first "real" weekend of summer.

Now where did I put those sunglasses?