LimeLight Pet Project: Meet YaYa!

Do you like goats? Are you looking to make one a member of your family? Q-13 is partnering with the LimeLight Pet Project to help Yaya get adopted. Yaya is a ten-year-old Nigerian dwarf goat that loves affection. Volunteers at Puget Sound Goat Rescue say her favorite activity is getting brushed. Her second favorite is eating. She is a little underweight, but volunteers say she is constantly nibbling on something- trying to catch up. Volunteers say their favorite thing about Yaya is her personality, and how mellow she is. If you think Yaya could be the companion for you, plan on coming home with a friend for her; goats are homebodies and they have a tendency to get lonely, so they need someone with them at all times. If you are interested in adopting Yaya, you can reach out to Puget Sound Goat Rescue through their website and fill out an adoption application to begin the screening process.