Local man has been fighting for years for safety upgrades on Aurora Bridge

SEATTLE -- Mike Warren has begged lawmakers for years to find the funding needed to install a center barrier on the Aurora Bridge after his 17-year-old son died in a horrific crash in 1999.

On February 3rd, Jonathan Warren's Honda struck a garbage truck and swerved across the center line. A full-size truck broadsided Jonathan's car and killed him instantly.

"Had there been a barrier there he would have been hurt, and hurt badly, by the accident but he would be alive," Warren said.

Since that tragedy, Mike Warren has written letters to lawmakers. He has asked for a center barrier but officials reply that there is not enough money in the budget.

Now, Seattle City Councilmember, Nick Licata, is finding ways to make the bridge safer. He will send a letter to the Utilities and Transportation Committee. In that letter, Licata plans to ask if the Duck boats could be banned from using the Aurora Bridge.

"The problem is Aurora has the narrowest lanes of any major bridge in Washington State," Licata said.  "And the ducks are one of the largest vehicles around. So, it’s not a good combination."

SDOT engineers say they are working with WSDOT officials to examine the bridge and determine if it is unsafe.