Local teacher investigated for allegedly restraining a student with tape

The Lake Washington School District has placed a teacher on paid leave after the teacher was accused of physically restraining a student with adhesive tape in class.

The district says it launched an investigation and notified police after news surfaced Wednesday of the incident at Lake Washington High School.

School administrators say they learned about the accusations from a teacher who overheard the student who was allegedly taped.

The district informed the student's parents and the Kirkland Police Department.

Lake Washington School District Communications Director Kathryn Reith released the following statement:

"Physically constraining students is completely unacceptable. I believe it would be a violation of our Human Dignity Policy.  It may fall into the state's code of professional conduct for teachers under disregard of generally recognized professional standards. We do have a detailed policy regarding harassment, intimidation and bullying..."

"We expect all staff members and students to abide by it.  Should the investigation into this situation find violations of these policies occurred, appropriate discipline will be taken. Serious infractions by staff can result in discipline up to and including termination. Any disciplinary actions will depend on the outcome of the investigation."