Man arrested after police find hundreds of pills, guns, $100K

BREMERTON -- A man was arrested after he was found in possession of hundreds of pain killers, guns and over $100 thousand in cash.

Ryan Brown, 30, was arrested on Jan. 29th in a restaurant parking lot near Wheaton Way and Sylvan Way during a drug transaction, according to Bremerton Police. A woman was attempting to buy Percocet from him in his vehicle. Another woman parked by was waiting for him to finish that transaction, so she could buy pills as well. When Brown was arrested, he had over 100 pills on him, ready for distribution.

Brown's arrest was part of a large-scale investigation, during which he sold numerous prescription pills to undercover officers on two different occasions. Three arrests were made and more could be coming.

Police then conducted a search warrant on his home on the 300 block of E. 29th St. in Bremerton. During the search, a stolen handgun was found under his pillow, and a large safe containing two handguns, four rifles (including an AK-47), approximately 500 more Percocet pills and over $100 thousand in cash. The pills had a street value of $18 thousand.

Police also located a large marijuana grow-op in the house, with over 100 plants. Police removed most of plants, except 15, because Brown has a medicinal marijuana card.

Brown was booked into Kitsap County Jail, for possession of a stolen firearm, three felony counts of delivering a controlled substance, felony possession with intent to deliver and manufacturing marijuana. He was then released from the jail, due to health reasons.