Man killed dog during Christmas dinner, police say

EVERETT -- A 33-year-old man is accused of punching and killing a dog during a Christmas dinner because it would not stop begging for food, the Everett Herald reports.

According to the Herald, the suspect and his girlfriend had guests over for Christmas dinner at their Everett home. The suspect grew frustrated when the dog, a 14-pound Cockapoo named Romeo, wouldn't stop begging for food.

Witnesses at the party said the man initially grabbed Romeo by the scruff and threw him into a kennel, demanding he stop begging. When the dog came back out, the man allegedly grabbed the dog by the tail and punched it twice in the ribs.

Later, the suspect told witnesses the dog had stopped breathing once it got back back to his kennel and had died.

Police said a necropsy on the dog performed by a local animal hospital revealed it died from a ripped aorta and broken ribs.

The suspect was arrested and is expected to be charged with first-degree animal cruelty in Snohomish County Court.