Man who killed Tacoma officer cited in 2015 marijuana dispensary assault

TACOMA, Wash. - The man who killed Tacoma police officer Reginald "Jake" Guitierrez on Wednesday night was punished last year for an assault at a Tacoma marijuana dispensary.

Charging documents show Bruce Randell Johnson II was cited for fourth-degree assault and unlawful display of a weapon after a fight with staff at the dispensary.

Charging documents show the employee said Johnson didn't have appropriate documentation to buy pot, so he asked Johnson to leave the business, but Johnson returned.

Johnson began arguing, and the employee escorted him out of the business.

Once outside, Johnson lifted the front of his shirt and displayed a handgun and threatened to shoot the employee, then Johnson punched the employee in the face.

During the ensuing struggle, Johnson's handgun fell onto the ground. Police said they later found there was a round in the chamber.

Johnson was fined $150, completed an 8-hour anger management course, forfeited and destroyed his gun, and was ordered to have no contact with the victim's business.