Man who once described himself as pedophile says he's changed

BELLINGHAM -- A onetime self-described pedophile and creator of a former website called ‘Girl Love’ is back in Washington.

Jack McClellan has never been convicted of any crime, but in 2007 his website -- which rated little girls -- made national headlines.

McClellan said in an interview Thursday,“I consider myself a normal heterosexual male who has thoughts, erotic thoughts, about prepubescent girls."

McClellan made headlines in 2007 with his website ‘Seattle Tacoma Everett Girl Love.’ He posted pictures of girls from parades and parks. He would rate their appearance and even posted tips on watching kids without getting caught.

“I just think they’re cute,” McClellan said in a 2007 interview about prepubescent girls. “They’re a lot cuter than women. I admit there’s kind of an erotic arousal there.”

But McClellan said in an interview Thursday, “I don’t act on that. I don’t promote it on the Web anymore. I’m just doing my own thing, trying to associate with legal women over 18.”

Enraged parents chased McClellan out of Washington. Now, McClellan calls the Northwest home again.

Folks at a popular park in Bellingham said they were repulsed to know he is back.

Mackenzie Gray, a nanny to a 2-year-old girl, said, “That just gives me chills when you say that. It gives me chills all over my body. It’s not appropriate to just come and watch.”

McClellan said he has changed and parents or children shouldn’t be afraid of him. He no longer takes pictures of girls.

“I’m not going to these kiddie events anymore," he said. "I don’t do that at all. I don’t go to any of those fairs or circuses. That’s all in the past, as well.”