Mario shots, a 'God's eye' camera and more in trending

One in a million: A family searching for their missing son recognized him in a photo published in USA Today. He was in a photo gallery of people affected by the cold snap, and was found to be homeless.

Shot of Mario: Anyone who thinks nerds don't know how to party .. have never partied with nerds.

Seattle woman endures never-ending happy ending: A woman from Seattle was rushed to the hospital, after a three-hour long orgasm. She said the pleasure didn't stop after she finished having sex. You'll be able to catch her story on TLC's 'Sex Sent Me to the ER.'

Spherical Camera: Inventors in Berlin have created the Panono, a  ball that has 36 tiny cameras fixed onto this sphere that are capable of snapping a 108 megapixel panorama photo. Basically, it gives you a 360-degree  'God's eye view' of an image. The inventors reached their fundraising goal on Indiegogo and maybe this time next year, it'll be the next big thing. It looks cool, but what happens if you throw it and you don't catch it? Will it break?

Snow fish: Three brothers in Minnesota created an awesome giant shark .. made out of snow! It took them 95 hours to create the 16-foot tall sculpture .. If you haven't seen this yet, it's worth a Google. 

Giraffe with that? The mystery surrounding the fallen city of Pompeii has intrigued people for centuries ... and new evidence found some interesting clues into the local food. They found grains, fruits, nuts .. all the traditional makings of a Mediterranean diet. But, then they found the butchered leg joint of a giraffe. Sounds a little too gamey for me.

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