Marysville bar 'Volli' capitalizes on pickleball ahead of major, local tournaments

Pickleball season is heating up in Seattle. Over the next two weeks, hundreds of professional and amateur players will flock to Seattle for two major tournaments.

The Seattle Metro Classic runs from July 19–23 in Shoreline. The other is the PPA Tour’s Baird Wealth Management Seattle Open, from July 27–30.

For those that prefer indoor pickleball, golf and a full restaurant and bar, Volli is the place to go in Marysville.

"Wherever I can, I play wherever I go, the pickleball experience is what I’m all about right now," said pickleball enthusiast Ruben Hernandez.

Hernandez is not alone.

The Association of Professional Pickleball (APP) estimates that 36.5 million Americans tried pickleball in 2022. Volli in Marysville got ahead of the curve, combining the nation’s fastest-growing sport with golf simulators, darts, cornhole and a full restaurant.

"We saw this trend three to four years ago, and I was like, ‘We can do this, we can build something really cool,’" said Volli CEO and founder Allan Jones. "We have it in Bellingham and this is the second one, so there is not another one. We’re looking for buildings Everett and South right now. Obviously, the weather is great here during the summer, but especially the seven-or-so months of dark and cloudy and rainy."

Court space is a problem many Northwest players run into. Volli’s four courts help alleviate that any time of the year. The state senator who helped make pickleball Washington’s official state sport attended the grand opening, and wants to create more access.

"I’ve been able to convince some schools to restripe their courts, but you get down to Green Lake, you can go down today, go down tomorrow and it is absolutely packed," said Sen. John Lovick.

In the sun or under a roof, there’s something special about pickleball, and it’s drawing millions to pick up a paddle and play.

"I’m in a league on Thursdays where I’m the worst person there out of 24," said Hernandez, "it’s a humbling thing, and they say ‘Ruben you’re getting so much better—night and day from where you started.’ It’s encouraging."

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USA Pickleball will resurface the Lower Woodland tennis courts in Green Lake to prepare for the Seattle Open next week.