Massive brawl at Federal Way apartment complex caught on camera, residents hope frequent fighting ends

Federal Way Police are investigating after a massive brawl broke out in an apartment parking lot sometime this month. The fight was caught on camera. 

The incident happened at the Park 16 Apartments on 16th Ave. S. In the video capturing the incident, you can see several weapons being used, and at least one person is hurt. 

Residents say there have been several fights over the last several weeks. However, they say the recently captured cell phone video shows one of the more disturbing attacks.  

They hope that police or apartment managers can do something to put a stop to the fights, so more people aren't seriously hurt. 

"The video is definitely crazy," said a resident who didn't want his identity revealed for privacy reasons. 

The video is shocking to see and has gotten the attention of Federal Way Police. The department told FOX 13 that they have looked into the altercation, and the video, which shows an explosive fight. 

"I didn’t see all of that happening," said the resident.  "I came and saw the aftermath.  I saw all the police. I didn’t see all of that happening. That’s crazy."

Looking at the video, the fight appears to start between two people, punching and kicking. One young man is seen holding something shiny in his hand.  

Others jump in, while a man in a white shirt and another person reach into a car, one pulling out a black baton, or stick, while the other grabs a small bat.  They both eventually start swinging.  

The fight then escalates and more than 20 can be seen running into the fray.  

At least four batons or bat-like weapons can be seen in the hands of people swinging them at others in the crowd.  At one point, the man in the white shirt wrestles with a group to hang onto his bat, while another man with a different bat is disarmed by someone, who then starts swinging it himself. 

Residents say police detained several people following the fight. 

"Everybody was just by the bushes, in shock," said the resident. "Handcuffs over there. There was a bunch of people."

Federal Way Police responded to questions about the video by saying; 

"Officers responded to a fight at the Park 16 Apartments and found one of the subjects involved in the fight sustained non-life threatening stab wounds. The stabbing suspect was identified by patrol officers and the case was referred to FWPD detectives for filing of charges. FWPD is working with apartment management in order to prevent any more of these conflicts."

"I’m usually on the inside," said the resident.  

He says he tries to steer clear of what's happening outside. 

"The police are over here a lot," he said.   

FOX 13 reached out to the Park 16 Apartment office for comment. We are waiting to hear back.