Meet Mandy! #WhyNotMePets

Mandy is waiting for someone who will show her a lot of love and bring out the best in her.

Q13 is partnering with Pet Connection Magazine and Pawsitive Alliance's #WhyNotMePets campaign to help Mandy get adopted.

She's an 8-year-old Catahoula Leopard dog mix. You can meet her at the Everett Animal Shelter.

Mandy is a bit of a calm dog, but she still likes to be active and would make a great hiking partner.

"Once she gets into a home and she gets acclimated, her personality really will shine and she'll be one of those dogs that'll be a great forever companion,
" said Amy Ferguson, the Executive Director of Pawsitive Alliance. "Especially if you're looking for a dog that is a little bit on the calmer side, but will also be active, that kind of home would be great for her."

Ferguson said people might look past Mandy at the shelter because she's older or might have health issues, but Mandy doesn't let her age slow her down.

" In Mandy's case, she doesn't have anything like that," said Ferguson. "The only thing she has a history of is urinary tract infection, so the only thing the adopter needs to know is to watch out for that, but other than that she's spunky, she's spry, she's active. She wants to be apart of a home that is also active as well."

Mandy does not have any special needs.

She would love a home where she won't have to compete with other dogs for attention. Mandy wants to be your one and only.

"So, Mandy would do best in a home that didn't have younger kids. She is a Catahoula Leopard dog mix , so she's prone to herding and because of that it would be best if she didn't have younger kids as she might potentially try to herd."

Mandy is one of the shelter pets being featured during Pawsitive Alliance's "Home 4 the Pawlidays" virtual adoption event.

If you are interested in making Mandy apart of your family, visit the Everett Animal Shelter. There's also more information about Mandy on the shelter's website.