Meet the bionic dog: First to ever receive 4 prosthetic paws

Colorado Springs, Colo. (KTLA) –  Life just got a whole lot better for a mixed-breed dog that lost all four paws to frostbite.

Someone abandoned the cute canine named Naki’o at a foreclosed home in Nebraska when he was a puppy.

The poor pup was eventually found frozen in a puddle of water and lost his paws along with the tip of his tail.

He was taken to an animal rescue center, but couldn’t walk or play with other dogs. Instead, he was forced to crawl around on his belly.

Fortunately for Naki’o, he met veterinarian assistant Christie Pace of Colorado Springs, Colorado, who was looking for an animal she could help.

Pace adopted him when he was 8-weeks-old, and eventually she met someone whose dog wore a brace from OrthoPets.

She scheduled an appointment with them in Denver to get the dog the help he needed.

Naki’o had surgery and was fitted with “bionic” paws, making him the first dog to ever receive four prosthetic legs.