Mickey Mouse just wanted to get high with Pluto, robbery suspect says

TACOMA -- A robbery suspect reportedly told police he held up a K-Mart customer service center at knife-point because Mickey Mouse wanted to score some money to buy meth and get high with Pluto, the Tacoma News Tribune reported.

Officers received a call Sunday that a man was attempting to rob the K-mart store on East 72nd Street, the News Tribune reported. When police arrived, they found a man standing on the customer service center counter holding two knives. He followed requests to drop his knives, and police took him into custody.

According to documents received by the News Tribune, the man approached the customer service representative prior to police being called and rested a knife on the table, the News Tribune reported. He told the clerk to put money from the till on the counter. The clerk did so, but instead of taking the money and running, the man stood on the counter, cut himself and asked to use the telephone. That's when police arrived to arrest him.

The man reportedly told police he was "hanging out with Mickey Mouse" prior to his arrest, and wanted to score some money so Mickey could get high with noted Disney character Pluto. The man allegedly told officers Pluto was biting his leg during the entire incident, and asked police if they could see the fictional dog.

Police believe the man was high on meth at the time of his arrest. He was booked into Pierce County Jail under suspicion of first-degree robbery.

Other than the man's cuts, no one else was injured.