Minor flooding, high winds expected across Puget Sound as stormy weather rolls on

PACIFIC, Wash. -- This winter storm is pushing rivers to run high and fast across Western Washington.

The White River is expected to cause minor flooding through the holiday weekend. But it’s not just lowland flooding to be concerned about. High winds are also expected to sweep through our region later this evening.

Flood water pooled onto Butte Avenue in Pacific, and the White River, full of debris, was moving high and fast Friday afternoon.

“This looks like a normal high river run but we’re not seeing is any encroachment into the city park,” said Jim Schunke with the City of Pacific.

Driving the interstates was also a challenge during downpours. Standing water posed a hazard for drivers, especially those who ignored the weather conditions. In Everett the heavy rains soaked everything turned the city into dripping mess.

Kelline Blake she says she’ll be watching other drivers closely on her way home from grocery shopping.

"Just driving way too fast for the weather condition,” Kelline said.

Umbrellas were the essential accessory for Friday’s heavy rains, but wind gusts in the forecast meant some held on tight.

“Instead of holding it up high, I hold it closer to my head so it doesn’t blow the opposite direction,” said Beverly Meigs.

The King County Flood Warning Center opened early Friday morning to keep a close watch on rising rivers. Friday evening, the King County Flood Warning Center issued a Phase 2 flood alert for the Snoqualmie River.

Plus, crews told Q13 News they will be keeping a close eye on the ground to monitor the White River.