Mobile memorial for infant stolen from grieving family in Tacoma

TACOMA, Wash. -- Her son died just two months ago in a tragic accident.  This weekend, Lindsey Othmer was dealt another blow when a thief stole the family’s car outside their apartment. She said the car wasn’t just a mode of transportation but a memorial to their late son, Isaac Nunes, who choked to death.

“Every day for us is different,” said Othmer. “We have bad days, we have good days and then we just have days.”

Lindsey says pictures, videos and any reminder of Isaac have helped this family cope. It’s why Isaac’s dad Jimi Nunes turned his Honda Civic into a moving memorial for their son, according to Othmer.

“A lot of people deal with things in their own way and that car was how he dealt with our son’s passing,” said Othmer.

Early Saturday morning, Othmer said someone stole the car with everything inside, including Isaac’s first binky, his bear, and the baseball hat he wore to his first game.

“That car is more than material value, it is sentimental value to me, to my son to his father,” said Othmer.

It’s why she’s pleading to get the 1996 Honda Civic Coupe back, a car that has her son’s footprints on the back windshield and Washington license plate AYW9753.

“Whoever it was, if it was just one person, just give it back,” said Othmer. “It’s more to us what it is to you.”

Othmer said the car doesn’t bring Isaac back, but it helps keep his memory alive.

“We lost our child and then you’re going to take more stuff from us, as if what we’ve lost isn’t already enough,” said Othmer.