More rain and wide spread flooding, and we're not done yet

NEAR SHELTON -- It is never a smart thing to drive through standing water.

The warning signs are all there that it can be very dangerous and cars and lives can be swept away.

"The water where the Skok river comes near the bank there is where it was too deep. I think it was a good two feet,” Shelton resident Louis Green

But longtime residents like Kim Gaskill know the roads near the Skokomish River all too well and when neighbors call they come to help.

Gaskill made the trip more than a half a dozen times Wednesday.

"They call me to get to the store. I come out there and get them cause they got smaller cars and they can`t make it through and I go out there and rescue them and take them to the store and bring them back home,” Shelton resident Kim Gaskill said.

Just about every river on the Olympic peninsula is flooding as rain water over several days flows downstream from the mountains.

"Out here people, if they don't have their houses lifted up, they're in the water. It's rough for them,” Gaskill said.

Near the town of Brinnon, homes and everything in them are submerged in several feet of water.

"We were going to go back out there and have a look. I'm sure we'll end up turning around again but it's always one of those things you hope you can do what you want to do,” Green said.

The problem is Mother Nature is working against him and with a lot more rain on the way; even those who have seen it all before are worried.

"It`s been coming up pretty quick and it`s pretty deep,” Gaskill said.

More rain is on the way and with it could come more flooding.