Neighbors stunned after intruder stabbed, killed in rural North Bend

NORTH BEND -- It was a day and night of terror for one eastside family when a brazen Mother’s Day attack and robbery at their home was followed by a late-night break-in -- and that’s when a husband and wife turned the tables on their attacker.

Neighbors are still getting used to the idea that Kyle and Tennyson Jacobson had to fight off an intruder in their home early Monday morning.

Investigators said the Jacobson’s dogs woke them up just before 2 a.m. Monday. When Kyle went to check out what they were barking at, he was attacked and that’s when Tennyson jumped into action, stabbing the intruder and killing him.

“It’s certainly not what you’d expect out here -- we’re kind of at the end of the world, very rural,” said their neighbor Bill Beck. “It’s very much a surprise to us and very much a shock.”

The Jacobson’s 7-month-old child and mother-in-law were home during both crimes. Investigators agree the case is definitely out of the norm.

“This is very unusual,” Sgt. Cindi West with the King County Sheriff’s Office said. “I know that some people said that you know there is no such thing as a random home invasion, but it does appear to be that at this time.”

The family didn’t want to be interviewed on camera, but Tennyson posted the following to her Facebook page on Sunday saying, “On my first Mothers Day, I'm so grateful for an amazing, beautiful daughter that is safe in my arms, and the most incredible husband to be there to protect and support us. I couldn't ask for anything more.”

Authorities don’t know the identity of the intruder but are working to trace him.