New accusers come forward after doctor arrested on exam room rape charges

BREMERTON -- At least 15 more potential victims have now come forward to say they were assaulted by a Kitsap County doctor who was arrested Tuesday for allegedly sexually violating two women.

Dr. Darren Chotiner, 46, was arrested at Peninsula Community Health Services where he works as a physician. He is slated to be in court Wednesday afternoon on charges of second-degree rape.

Police arrested Chotiner after a 35-year-old and a 46-year-old woman accused him recently of sexually violating them during exams. Investigators said both patients had come forward in the last few weeks saying they had gone to Dr. Chotiner for back pain treatment.

During examinations, both patients alleged Chotiner acted inappropriately, positioning his pelvis and dragging his hands over body parts in a manner that did not seem pertinent to the exam. He also made sexually motivated remarks, victims allege.

“It was during those visits and examinations that Dr. Chotiner allegedly physically contacted them in a sexual manner and continued to advance himself upon each victim,” said Bremerton Police in a written statement.

Police feared additional victims would step forward. On Tuesday, as many as 11 different women had come to police to say they were assaulted.  Police are investigating those allegations, and could amend the Chotiner's criminal charges.

Officers are also reviewing a case from 2011 where Chotiner allegedly tried to kiss a woman in the doctor's office.