New concerns over coronavirus spread as 'nonessential' workforce returns

Over the last few weeks, some non-essential workers have started going back to their jobs in person, though not full-time.

It’s bringing new concerns that the coronavirus will inevitably start spreading with the workforce.

Under Safe Start Washington, telework is still strongly encouraged through Phases 2 and 3 for non-essential employees.

Michael Cuzzetto has worked in downtown Seattle for 30 years. He was working remotely half of the time, and said working from home full-time was a tougher transition than he anticipated.

“I noticed that I was thriving for human interaction more than I ever thought I was missing from before,” said Cuzzetto.

Cuzzetto started going into the office once a week recently.

“Masks are provided as you come in. Hand sanitizer is everywhere. Wipes are everywhere. Every conference room had additional wipes in it, additional hand sanitizer. So it looks like they are starting to ramp up and waiting for that ‘all go,’" Cuzzetto said.

More than 3,000 essential employees at Puget Sound Energy will have virtual tele-health and coronavirus testing services via Zoom Care.

“Coronavirus is still around us,” said Dr. Erik Vanderlip, chief medical officer at Zoom Care. “Really to be successful in reopening, we have to do a much better job identifying those who have it.”