New law allows students to receive medical marijuana on school campuses

MUKILTEO, Wash. -- A new Washington law has school districts across the state coming up with new marijuana measures.

The law requires school districts to allow students with prescriptions to receive medical marijuana on campus from a parent.

The Mukilteo School District is one of the first in the state to create and implement a policy regarding medical marijuana for students after the new law went into effect in July.

So how does their policy work? The Mukilteo School District tells us parents have to put in a request with their student’s school administration and then prove that their child is a medical marijuana patient.

As part of the new state law, smoking or inhaling marijuana is not allowed. However, parents will be able to come to the school and give their students medical marijuana products in a discreet location.

The school district will not handle or store the marijuana medication at any point.

Mukilteo School District officials say their goal is to make sure their students’ medical needs are met in a safe way for everyone.

"There’s going to be a few people who have issue with this,” said Bruce Hobert, executive director of human resources for the Mukilteo School District. “They need to recognize that it’s a part of the law in Washington. It may be contrary to federal law, but that’s a different issue. As a school district we have an obligation to put that law in for the needs of the students.”

The school district says the new policy went into effect this school year, but so far none of their students and parents have asked to use it.