New statistics, scary video: Distraction a factor in 6 of 10 teen driver crashes

SEATTLE -- The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety released new statistics and incredible video showing one teen driver after another glancing off the road and crashing.

Teen drivers were seen texting, eating, talking with friends and applying makeup, taking their eyes off the road for several seconds, and running off the road and hitting other vehicles.

Researchers from the University of Iowa equipped thousands of cars driven by teens with dash-cams that recorded the person behind the wheel and the road in front of them. In six years, the cameras caught almost 1,700 crashes. In 58% of the crashes, the teen driver was distracted.

Andrea King said, "It's scary. They all are doing something else while they`re driving. Which doesn`t surprise me because they all have phones."

"Driving requires 100% of your attention. Talking on the phone. Putting makeup on ... all these things. It`s a disaster," Karyn Porter said.

AAA says their study shows distracted driving among teens is a bigger problem than originally feared.