Officer helps laboring mom make special pre-holiday delivery

CORINTH, Miss. (AP) — A Mississippi officer helped make a special pre-holiday delivery in a parking lot for a pregnant woman who couldn't quite make it to the hospital.

Sgt. Ken Walker of Corinth came to the aid of Karla White about 4 a.m. Monday. WTVA-TV reports ( that White and her mother were on the way to the hospital and called 911. Dispatcher Ashleigh Hinds advised them to pull over and wait for an ambulance. They headed into a Kmart lot.

That's when Walker showed up and realized there was no time to wait. The officer then helped deliver the baby.

Hinds says "emotions just overflowed the dispatch center."

Walker says colleagues are giving him "atta boys" and calling him "baby doctor."

Henry Dalton Byrd was due Jan. 7. Mom says he's doing fine.